Welcome to Midwest SuperStar Bullies!


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Welcome to Midwest Superstar Bullies, a collection of  people with a passion for the American Bully breed. We are located in the Midwest, St. Louis, Mo and surroundings areas. We currently have 4 active members, allowing the dogs to be spread comfortably with ample living space.  Here at Midwest Superstar Bullies we specialize in top notch UKC and ABKC registered American Bullies with nice head pieces, bully chests, great personalities and show stopper quality. All of our dogs are home raised with kids, cats, etc.  All of our Bullies are PR UKC And/Or ABKC. Our bloodlines consist of Razor’s Edge and Gottiline. With names like Phenom, Platinum, Vin Diesal, Denzel, Big Buck, Gucciano, Remy Martin, Cai, Thing,  Canine Supreme Rampage, King Kamali, Gottylines Dax, Heartbreaker, and many more as we continue towards our goal of making our perfect bullies. Along with the desire to get rid of the horrible misconception of the breed's foundation, the American Pit Bull Terrier, due to dog fighting and other sterotypes, we try to educate people we meet in the streets and shows everytime we get a compliment or question about one of our bullies.  All of our Bullies are healthy as can be as we strive for athletic but bully specimens. NONE OF OUR BULLIES WILL BE SOLD FOR ILLEGAL PURPOSES. This is only the beginning.






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