Midwest Superstar Bullies

Litter Whelping contract

Midwest Superstar Bullies is offering round the clock puppy/litter care from whelping to rehoming. Availability and space will be limited. The following guidelines must be met to make use of this service in a safe way for both us and our clients regarding the health and safety of the dogs.  

No severely aggressive dogs
Female must be healthy with no spreadable illnesses, up to date on parvo/distemper/Bordetella vaccines, flea free and on flea preventative. 
Owner of female is responsible for any vet costs if MSB dogs contract any illness from female.  
If puppies are to be delivered naturally, female should be dropped off ONE week prior to due date, at no extra charge to the (5) week minimum of $500 for litters of 6 or less pups, or $750 for a litter of 7 or more pups, paid in full. (5) week clock starts from the day of birth of puppies. 
Owner of female should have funds and proper arrangements available in case of the need of emergency services(C-Section).
If puppies are to be delivered via C-Section, mother and puppies should be dropped off as soon as possible, or a MSB can pick mother and puppies up from vet after bill is paid. 
Litter service lasts for a minimum of (5) weeks and a maximum of (8) weeks with a fee of $100/$150 per week depending on litter size. 
(5) week minimum must be paid in full ($500) when mother/pups are initially dropped off. Every additional week of service after week (5), is to be paid prior to the beginning of the week with a fee of $100 per week for litters of 6 or less or $150 per week for litters of 7 or more. 
Litter whelping services will not be granted without payment of full (5) week minimum fee upfront.
For the care of mother and pups, Owner of female MUST provide dog food for mother and puppy food for pups during/after weaning. 
Owner MUST provide 1 large pack of paper towels, 1 bag of Cedar shavings and 1 bag of Pine shavings
Puppy shots MUST be provided at (5) weeks of age before leaving and (8) weeks of age before leaving. Shots can be provided via veterinarian or via puppy shots purchased from feed store at Owner of female‚Äôs expense and given by a MSB member. 
Owner of female/puppies is responsible for any costs needed if a vet visit is necessary for a puppy.
MSB can/will provide deworming medications at no extra cost 
MSB GUARANTEES no loss of any puppy due to smothering by mother in our MSB manufactured whelping boxes. 
MSB is not responsible for the natural loss of a puppy due to internal, developmental, or physiological abnormalities, including cleft lip/palate. 

Dam of litter ___________________________________________________
Sire of litter ____________________________________________________
No. of pups born/to be whelped____________________________________
Starting date of (5) week service clock________________________________
Expected date/weeks of age of departure_____________________________

(5) week minimum whelping fee @ $100/$150 per week(paid in full)________$500/$750
(   )Additional week(s) whelping fee @ $100/$150 per week(paid weekly)____$
Total whelping fee____________________________________________$

Name of Owner of female__________________________________________
Cell No._________________________________________________________


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