Ovulation Detection Timing
We offer Ovulation Detector testing with our Draminsky Ovulation Detector. The device uses the relationship between changes in the electrical resistance of mucus and appearance of estrous. We offer 5 days worth of testing at a flat rate. Recommend beginning testing after day 6-7 and testing every other day until peak ovulation is anticipated!

Fee; $35

Pregnancy Ultrasound
We are able to provide ultrasound services to confirm pregnancy with our portable ultrasound machine. Done by MSB's Dom, a veterinarian technician, pregnancy and a general count of the number of possible puppies can be made. An xray to confirm exact count of puppies is still recommended. We recommend doing an ultrasound after at least 25 days into pregnancy for the best accuracy. Many satisfied clients have already enjoyed this affordable service time and time again.  

Fee: $50

Whelping Boxes
MSB designs and constructs it's own whelping boxes that can be offered to the public. From the American Bully breeders at MIDWEST SUPERSTAR BULLIES, one of the most convenient and reliably built whelping box designs has come to life. A solidly built box concept that is safe and secure for both mother and pups. It is safely accessible from the one or two doors that include locking mechanisms. Rails inside protect pups from smothering. It's attractive design blends well with furniture. Dimensions of boxes are 4ft x 3ft x 4ft. The box can be broken down into five pieces for storage. Great for medium to large breed dogs. Customizable orders available. Prices range from $350-$500 and will last for years with little needed maintenance.

Litter Whelping
Litter whelping services from birth to 8 weeks are available at a first come first serve basis when space permits. Services come with an agreed upon contract that has requirements that must be met before an agreement can be made. Mom and pups receive round the clock care and attention that limits the chances of losing a pup or other detrimental issues that heighten the risk of fatality. We are equipped to be able to provide extra care to pups that may need more specialized treatment such as tube feeding, subq fluids, oxygen care, incubator benefits etc. Also being a call or text away from a veterinarian helps clients with piece of mind as well. We work exclusively with the breeding specialist at WEBSTER GROVES ANIMAL HOSPITAL in Webster Groves, Mo. The contract for litter whelping can be seen here- resources/Litter-Whelping-Contract%20(1).docx

Fee: $500 minimum

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